Pharmacy and liquor store agency

We’re agents for Systembolaget (the Swedish off-license liquor store) and Apoteket (the chemist’s). Simply place an order in the shop and pick it up a few days later.


We get deliveries on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from Sundsvall.

You can order from Systembolaget’s entire catalog. Visit (Note that catalog orders take longer to deliver.)

Ordering schedule

Order before Thursday 10 a.m. → pick up Monday after 4 p.m.

Order before Monday 10 a.m. → pick up Wednesday after 4 p.m.

Order before Wednesday 10 a.m. → pick up Friday after 4 p.m.


We carry a basic assortment from the chemist’s in our shop.

Non-prescription items can be ordered and picked up several days later.

Delivery times vary depending on the postal service and whether or not the items are in stock.

Prescription items can be ordered by leaving your prescription with us, and we will forward it to the mail-order pharmacy.

Have an e-prescription? Just call Apoteket on 0771-450450 and ask to have it delivered to Fjällbua in Storsätern.